What motivates you to write content?

Typically, you would like to give great value to your audience and grow your business. That sounds like a powerful purpose, but sadly, even with such a noble purpose, it’s hard to attract the attention of a loyal audience.

Why? Your audience longs for something more: they want content they can relate to, something they can apply to a particular situation, and something that can improve their lives.

Whether your aim is to guide, motive or entertain people with your audience, apply the following rules to craft content that will impress your audience, causing them to share it and return for more.

1. Make it Engaging

Engaging content means content that gives someone a reason to read to the end. In other words, the content must be compelling enough to engage your audience. So, how do you engaging content?

Make it relate to your audience. Use examples and context your readers are familiar with. For example, if you’re writing content to help homeowners solve a plumbing issue, include specific contexts a typical homeowner will relate to, and you’ll have their attention.

Use catchy titles: Most readers will judge your content from the title. So, if the title is boring, your website’s bounce rate may jump to the moon. To write content that can go viral, use article titles that work.

Use shorter sentences: Lengthy sentences can quickly lose your readers because of their complexity. So, avoid run-on sentences by saying more with a few words and you’ll engage your readers throughout.

For example:

Instead of: He arrived at the party before everyone else could show up

Try: He was the first at the party.

2. Support Your Claims

If you write something like “drinking milk daily shortens your lifespan,” my response would be “prove it.”

You need to support your claims with observations, tests, statistics, and research. Not just testimonials and anecdotes.

Your testimonials and anecdotes are significant, but they aren’t adequate. You need to back them up with empirical data. So, whether you’re writing blog posts or web copy, remember to back up your claims with some tested facts.

3. Avoid the obvious

The Internet is cluttered with extensive information on just about anything, and more is added daily. Study shows that 2 million blog posts are written daily. Your readers already know most of the information.

While you don’t need to reinvent the wheel, you should obviously not regurgitate content that’s already available online. The best approach would be, before you write content on any topic, find out what others have written about it and then give it a unique angle.

For example, if everyone is talking about “10 ways to have a successful blog”, you can twist it so it sounds something like “10 blogging mistakes to avoid.” That way, your content will be unique and more exciting.

4. Write What Your Audience Wants

Do you know why some websites don’t receive any traffic? Well, one of the main reasons is they publish content that no one is interested in reading.

Surprisingly, many people only publish what excites them or their peers. Unless your peers are part of your audience, you need to create content your audience can’t wait to read.

The best way to achieve this is by researching the most searched keywords. You can use keyword research tools such as Google Keyword Planner, Google Trends, and Ubersuggest. After finding the right keywords, write valuable content around the keywords and use the Yoast SEO Plugin to optimize the keywords on your WordPress web page.

5. Go Visual

Don’t rely entirely on text alone. Blend it with visual content and the results will astound you. Visuals include the use of photos, videos, and infographics. Statistics show that the brain processes visual content 60,000X faster than text.

The study also shows that online buyers are 85 percent more likely to buy a product after watching the product’s video. So, start integrating visuals in your content to increase traffic and conversion.

Hone up your content marketing strategy by following these rules. You’ll be leaps and bounds ahead of many people. And the results will be noticeable as well.

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    05 03 2017

    I must say you have high quality articles here.

    Your blog should go viral

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