The best logo designs are plain and simple.

Consider McDonald’s, Playboy, and Apple. All these logos, which practically every American recognizes, are little more than a few lines and a small touch of colors; two at the most!

These designs are the perfect example of why simplicity matters. It all goes back to the K.I.S.S. principle: Keep It Simple, Stupid!

K.I.S.S. Designs: Keep Your Logo Super Simple!

Easier to Understand

If you have to explain your logo to others, you’ve lost the meaning. What happens when you’re not around to explain? People will make their own assumptions. A simple design intuitively displays the character and message of your brand without requiring deep analysis.

Easier to Remember

Which is harder to recall, a full song or a single, simple line? People will have a much easier time remembering your logo and associating it with your business if you keep things short and sweet.

More Affordable to Create

While this can vary, in general a simple design with one or two colors will be more affordable to create. The less there is to a design, the less time your designer will need, which can lead to savings in the initial design production.

Convertible to Any Platform

Where do you want your logo to appear? A website? A tee shirt? A billboard? A simple logo will look great on your website, on your company vehicle, on polo shirts, on coffee cups, and any other medium you can imagine. It can be placed on the banner of your homepage and on the sign above your store. Whether it’s paper, metal, plastic, ceramic, or smartphone screen, your simple logo will lend itself to any location.

Simple Designs Relates to a Broader Audience

This is essentially tied to being easier to understand, but when you have a simple logo design, more people will be able to understand and internalize your brand. The more people that understand and remember your brand, the more success you’re likely to have!

Simple is Scalable

When you give your design a simple, elegant format, it will look good blown up on the side of a van yet remain completely recognizable when it’s minimized to fit a pen. Versatility may be the true beauty of a simple design!

Get a Simple Design for Your Brand

You can have a simple, effective design for your brand by working with Pixel It Labs.

Contact us now and we’ll make sure your logo, your website, and your entire digital presence is simple yet effective!



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